Quick Stir Fry

One of my favorite dishes to eat is stir fry. I love how it can be made quickly and, well, Aldi has made it even easier. Loss and I are big Aldi fans when it comes to grocery shopping and recently found their stir fry veggies and we've been hooked ever since. I try to... Continue Reading →


Tea Time at Polly Claire’s

  For the longest now (since my birthday in June), my mom had been wanting to get tea at one of the tea rooms in Chattanooga. The one tea room that I had visited downtown closed before the year was out, but Mom had visited a newer one, Polly Claire's, with some of her work... Continue Reading →

My Day: Sunday

Today was a pretty chill one but still quite productive. We took some time at Starbucks to get writing done and I finished up a special, more in depth Valentines post that I'd been wanting to do for a while. There's nothing better than being super productive- especially on a project you've been wanting to... Continue Reading →

Game Night! 

With it being so cold out, Loss and I are busting out his Christmas gift of Bob's Burgers Monopoly.  We tend to get competitive, so wish me luck! 

Little Pieces at a Time 

With my new schedule, I've been working on bits and pieces of the apartment and getting things in order & really cleaned up.   I've loved getting to do little by little and making life simpler. A big part of that is purging some of the things we don't have to have anymore, so I've spent... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Christmas

Today I got to town on our Christmas decor & I remembered a little trick I set up for myself in early December... When I picked up my Christmas wrapping paper, I got a frame and loaded up the fun Hatch Show wedding print. My sweet friend Heather works at Hatch Show in Nashville and... Continue Reading →

State of JLB Nerdy in 2018

  We're a few days into 2018 now, but here we are. I've been thinking about what the year ahead holds for the JLB Nerdy blog, well, here we are. I'm going to preface everything I'm about to say with this: life is going to get crazy. I've started a new job, Loss is getting... Continue Reading →

Lunch Prep for the Week

Getting rolling for my first full week of working on the new week and getting the new year started has lead to Loss and I wrapping our head around meal prepping. With my new schedule, I'll be needing lunch everyday so it was time to figure out some meals besides just our dinner plans. Starting... Continue Reading →

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