Start Here: Welcome!

Hi all,  we are here to be loud, proud & nerdy to boot!

We are Losson & Jenny. Newlyweds (as of June 13 this past summer!), lovers of random things & passions that we want to share.

Losson has a love for comics that is only barely met by his love for me (most of the time)

We have both started different blog projects at different times & had a hard time staying put & working further on them.  After getting the bug to go to get something creative going lately, we decided that maybe two heads are better than one, so why not try a collaborative blog project? So here we are!


Losson has attended conventions, created cosplays, tried to talk me into watching anime, learned way too many facts about comic books & their history and it’s time I’ve decided to embrace more of these things.  We have a convention lined up to attend Halloween weekend & cosplay creating has commenced as of last weekend.

I, Jenny, have a love for all things Disney history, podcasts, art, classic films, things that make me laugh & also trying to figure out if my future as an entrepreneur will work.

So that’s us & we’re here to share what we love, what we are watching, working on, making, etc. We plan on doing some posts where we both take part along with posts by each of us individually.

So, here we go & thanks for checking us out!

-Jenny (and Losson)

I have to include a wedding photo. Duh. Aren’t we cute?!?

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