Getting Ready for my First Con!

So, let’s talk about conventions….. I’ve never been to one and am so excited to be spending Halloween weekend (aka #Geekoween) at Geek Media Expo in Nashville!  What brought me to being so stoked over going to a con?

Jeff & George from Communicore Weekly…taken after George says “Just stay there- don’t move!”, hence the look on Jeff’s face.

It all started with a few geeks from a Disney podcast, Communicore Weekly. George & Jeff from the podcast trekked to Atlanta for DragonCon & we had to go down for the meet up they were having the Thursday night before the con officially started (Jeff lives in California, so he rarely ever comes to the southeast anymore). Losson & I drove down on a whim that night & were so thrilled to get to finally meet the guys, plus we got the Con bug.

After spending a  few hours with the guys just walking around the different hotels & taking in the sights & sounds & cosplays, it was official- we were going a convention ourselves.

Cut to now- I’ve made a Louise Belcher (of Bob’s Burgers) dress! A pair of pink bunny ears are currently being constructed for the Louise cosplay! There’s an Air B&B booked for DragonCon 2016! There’s only 22 days until my first Con!

  The Louise Belcher dress! Proud to say I made it all by myself!

So after years of wanting to take me to a con, I got a taste of it & I can’t wait to take it all in.

I’ll share more of my adventures in cosplay prep & thoughts about the whole thing soon- but first I’ve gotta know- what was your first convention/cosplay?



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