Grateful for the Fire Guys


I guess there’s always a first time for everything and this weekend was indeed one of them.

Right around 5AM Sunday morning, Losson and I were woken up by hearing folks yelling to get out of the building and soon after began smelling smoke.

We made it outside to find the building beside ours on fire (a driveway between the two buildings thankfully). The fire was contained to the one building and I’m not exactly sure how much damage was done but it could have been so much worse.

The Chattanooga Fire Department spent a good two hours on the scene, having 5 trucks on the scene and doing all they needed to do to keep everyone safe.

Losson & I were discussing later on  how we’d never been involved in a fire situation & our definite appreciation for all that the firefighters do. The morning could have been a whole lot scarier & I am so thankful for all of those guys out there, making sure everyone was out & safe.

Thank you so much!




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