The Journey: Everything in its Place


Before: The craziness that is our apartment

For some reason, this January keeps calling to our apartment. There’s so much to do, so much to downsize & so much to just plain ole throw away.

I’ve got a new game I keep playing: I find a few things to move around or clean up, then I finish that & then its right back to the “What Am I Doing?” again.

Of course, I’ve got no problem writing lists a mile long of things to get done, but the tasks don’t always tend to get done.  But alas, I’ve shown you guys (aka the world) how disorganized our apartment is. So now I’ll be ready to get my “After” photo ready to post this week (hopefully). I’ve got a rug from our Ikea trip last weekend that’s ready to take residence in the floor once I get the floor all cleaned up.

Wish me luck!




2 thoughts on “The Journey: Everything in its Place

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  1. With your new hours you should have plenty time on hand. Haha. You all need a bigger apartment that would be right size for one person.


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