January 15: Friday 5

The Friday 5 is a list of things I’m digging on this week. Holla.

  1. Billy Wilder films
Jack Lemmon (left) & Billy Wilder (right)

Billy Wilder wrote & directed & just overall ran the show for some amazing films. I finally saw “Double Indemnity” this week on TCM & then spent Thursday evening watching “The Apartment” (one of my faves). The dialogue that Wilder put in his movies are just awesome- they’re funny, sarcastic & have a little heart in there every now & then. The actors that took on these great roles are some of my favorites as well. Fred MacMurray, Jack Lemmon, Shirley Mclaine all have memorable roles & I can’t say enough great things about. Next Wednesday, January 20, TCM is airing “The Apartment” in primetime to continue celebrating Fred MacMurray as the Star of the Month. I highly suggest checking out the film if you haven’t- it’s just awesome.

2. Kathy Lee & Hoda

KLG & Hoda in AARP Magazine.

I hate to admit it, but having this new schedule, I’m enjoying watching Kathy Lee & Hoda on the Today show 10 am hour. They’re hilarious, ridiculous, sweet & kinda darn heart warming. The fact they’re sweet friends really takes the cake. They help my mornings be a little more fun (that & that cutie Willie from the earlier hour of the Today Show).

3. Girl Time

Meg & I at Disney World on my magical proposal trip in 2014-I LOVED hanging out with her at the parks!

Following suit with KLG & Hoda, I’m getting in the spirit of having some girl time. One of the gals I’m closest to my sister in law, Meg. We’re making a point to spend time together more often this year & I’m so excited. Life gets busy & it’s hard to get together with your girls & it’s time to make a point of it with Meg & also all my other girls.

4. The Dis

The interactive posts are one of my fave things The Dis is currently doing on social media.

This year, the Dis is rocking it out, plain & simple. They’ve added a daily video news update on Disney parks, a new Dreams Unlimited video podcast about traveling beyond Disney & added the wonderful Jackie to “The Trip”. I’m also admittedly quite jealous due to the fact that Pete & crew are now in the parks during the week to keep up to speed with everything going on. I have to say that I’ve seen even more positive coming from their posts & reviews since there’s been more of the crew in the parks, too. I’m a fan of this. The crew are also amping up their social media presence & posting more interactive opportunities. I love where they’re heading & can’t help but think that the Dis is just going to keep getting better & better!

5.  Black Hair Dye

I like to channel my inner Louise Belcher with dark hair.

This is happening as soon as I post this article. I’ve been holding off on redyeing, but it’s time. Something is fun about going darker- plus it’s always nice to have a little spa moment in the day.





2 thoughts on “January 15: Friday 5

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  1. So CLEARLY based on this post.. We need to get together wearing our matching Mickey sweaters, drink like Kathy Lee & Hoda, watch TCM, & dye our hair.

    Boom. You’re welcome.



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