#TCMPARTY: Let’s Movie!


Social media is a great thing. Especially when it comes to fun things I’m passionate about, it’s just the best. Much of the time, you’ll find me talking about Disney, travel & classic movies.

This love for classic movies has really started to grow with the discussions I’ve been able to have with all the many folks who use the hashtag #TCMParty. Thanks to the guys & gals  who lead the @TCMParty twitter account, we all stay up to date on the films that are airing soon, learning some history & also getting to know other classic film fans in a fun way.


Getting to discuss the films of Turner Classic Movies is one of my favorite things to do at night these days. Making silly comments throughout the films & reading others’ cracks me up & I’ve even learned a thing or two from folks on the #TCMParty.

This Christmas, there was an evening of James Stewart films that were lesser known and I was convinced by one of the regulars on the discussion to give “The Mortal Storm” a viewing, even though it wasn’t my normal type of movie (it takes place at the beginning of Hitler’s reign over Germany). I was told that it was a good historical film that needed to be seen atleast once. I agreed & took on the heavy film & cried & cried as the story followed their family being split up due to their political beliefs. It’s true that the movie was one I wouldn’t normally have watched, but I was very glad to have seen it. It not only furthered my appreciation of what James Stewart did as an actor but also gave me a more personal and realistic knowledge of that moment in time. I think that’s what good film does & it is also what a great film community can do as well.

If you’re interested in classic films & learning some about the past of the world (pretty much), do a search for the hashtag, #TCMParty and check out what’s going on during the prime time hours on TCM . I look forward to seeing you around the twittersphere!





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