Today’s Day I Had

Today was busy & kinda nuts.  I didn’t have much time to write, but here’s what all that went down..just in case you’re interested in the craziness…. (Did I mention that it was kinday icy & sleety for a little bit of the day & half the town was shut down or on delay? Yep.)

7:15 am


4 am: Wake up when Loss left for work

6:30 am: Got ask if I’d cover for a girl at work

6:45 am: Decided I would cover for her

7:15 am: Left the house & went to Starbucks for motivation for the day. It helped.

8 am-4:20 pm: Worked,  we closed early but wasn’t too slushy thankfully when I left for the day.

4:30 pm: Complained to Losson about blowing my nose all day & not good tissues at work.

5:00 pm: Soaked in the tub

5:25 pm: Laid in bed, got ready to nap, got annoyed over how chapped my nose, hands & lips are & put on some lotion.

6:15 pm: Woke up, Ate a yummy Losson homemade Big Mac

6:20 pm: Watched some episodes of “Comic Book Men” on Netflix. Not a fan about how it’s so scripted this 3rd season.

7:37 pm

7:37 pm: Said again how my nose is so drippy & driving me nuts.

7:40 pm: Planning on going to bed soon. That is all.

Have a good day tomorrow, guys! I start again bright & early at 7 am.







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