Times Flies..then you Plan the Future

We like this place.

It’s official- time is flying by. Just a few weeks ago I wrote on here & mentioned it was the 7 month wedding anniversary for Losson & I. Then the other day we got a letter about renewing our lease- something that has to be confirmed by February 12. That means it’s close to a year that I’ve lived in this apartment (my first real life, full on adult apartment) & that’s just nuts.

This has gotten me thinking- in a little over a year, Losson will be done with school & have a sweet degree to code & bill to his heart’s content in a medical setting. Once he’s done, we’re planning on making a move.

As we thought about places we could move, we considered a few places- one being Japan. Well, we aren’t going to go that far away yet. We also considered Colorado (for a minute-Losson…) & the Orlando area.

So we talked about it & it looks like May 2017 will bring a move to…

(Image from orlando.com)

Now we start researching, planning, plotting & figuring out what we’re going to do & how exactly we’re going to do it.

Here’s to planning the future!



EDIT Sept. 2016: We aren’t moving just yet.And we aren’t sure where we’ll be headed..but we’re here for now in Tennessee…


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