How It’s Been….

That night it snowed a little bit. Still having some fun with crazy things going on.

Hey friends-

All I have to say is WHEW! It’s been kinda nuts around these parts lately.

There’s been lots of adulting going on (aka doing things that are hard & somehow you get it done), I got a new room at work and my hours magically changed from 2 pm-630ish to 8-5ish (!) & we started the process of getting this place really cleaned up.

That being said, I know I’ve been M.I.A. on the blog end & I feel kinda crappy about that. My goal was to write daily, but alas, I will try to get back on this horse, as it is.

So now we’re keeping on keeping on. And we’re planning things & working on things & trying to make stuff work. But it’s ok.

For now I’ll wait on dinner to arrive, watch An Evening with Kevin Smith & spend some time with the hubs.  Promise I’ll write some more & share the stuff going on!





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