Social Media Fun: Pinterest

These are a lot of the things I love


Oh, social media.. you are a fun thing. I enjoy some twitter & facebook but I really love Pinterest. I’ve got quite an account with way too many boards- I really need to edit them down.  That being said, the boards cover the gambit.

As my interests are so varied, so are my boards, varying from Disney films, parks & travel, cats, films, recipes, world travel, interior design, art of various genres & even a board specifically for bookshelves. Yep, I get that specific.

Some of my faves to find pins for currently are pins on traveling to Japan,  Florida info & places to check out, how to pack, movies I’ve seen & the varied recipe boards (chicken, lunch & dinner, salads & apps, desserts, cookies & cakes…I’ve got all the categories covered).

So are you guys on pinterest? What’s your fave things to pin?




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