Guilty Pleasures: MTV Shows

I don’t claim to be a big TV watcher, but I must admit I have a few shows that are my guilty pleasures- even more than that, there’s a few that are on MTV that I get into. I don’t have a set time for these shows, but I am totally good with some on demand binge watching when I stock them up. So what am I watching? So what do I like to watch the most on MTV?


Teen Mom OG

I’ve been watching these ladies since 2009- that’s crazy! I’ve followed the girls from “16 & Pregnant” to now when their babies are turning 7 years old. It’s crazy to see how much time has passed & how much they’ve grown & changed over the years. I especially love Caitlynn & Tyler, who were the couple who put their baby up for adoption originally. They have since had another baby & recently got married. The wedding was super precious & it was great seeing their story throughout the years.  Last Friday night I spent all night watching the most recent season of the show & would be lying if I said I didn’t totally enjoy my time. I figure if I can get a little dose of drama elsewhere then I don’t have to have any in my real life. (Oh, and Maci is from my hometown, so I like to play the game of trying to figure out what part of town or restaurant they’re at).



Oh, Catfish, how I adore thee! I won’t be a dweeb & just call it because I think Nev & Max are handsome devils, but that is part of it, admittedly.

I like me some silver foxes

The guys do some pretty cool recon to find the folks who ‘catfish’ others on the internet and solve mysteries for folks who want to know who they’re actually dealing with in the world.  I appreciate the fact that Catfish is one of the few shows out there that is pretty much really a ‘reality’ show. With every episode having a different story they follow, it can be certain that no story is the same & there are definitely some twists that show up often.  I’m pretty stoked to see what the new season of the show brings in a few weeks & will be glad to see some more shots of the handsome dudes as well.

So this is all that I’ll watch on MTV. Glad they’ve got this going on at the least.

Do you all ever watch any of these shows or have any other MTV guilty pleasures?




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