Podcast Review: The Mickey Dudes Podcast

I used to have a blog where I reviewed episodes of comedy podcasts & wanted to do some more podcast reviews on this new blog…hope you enjoy- There will be plenty more to come!


It’s true- I’m turning into a Disney podcast junkie. If you look at my iTunes, it’s pretty much all in that genre. That being said, I’ve been listening to some shows for a few years now (such as the Dis Unplugged) and can hardly go a week without them. Recently I’ve run into a new batch of shows & want to share some of them over the next few weeks. For this inaugural podcast review, I’m going to share my thoughts on The Mickey Dudes Podcast.

The podcast is made up of 4 different gentlemen who are spread across the country from Orlando to South Carolina to Queens New York & beyond. The guys discuss their love for Disney through different topics weekly, focusing on Walt Disney World. The show just dropped their fourth episode & have tackled their favorite attractions/aspects of 3 of the WDW parks thus far, along with an episode dedicated to a romantic date night/day on property. The episodes average out around 30 minutes & once you get in the groove of them, they move along quickly (I felt like the 24 minute romance episode flew by- I was taking in all the great ideas they had!).

They’ve created a few segments that I imagine will repeated throughout their run & I think they can have a little more energy to spike it up a little bit. I love the idea of a ‘head trip’ to WDW that they discussed, describing an exact place on property that they would love to be at that moment. Perhaps a cup of coffee before the recording would be just the thing the guys need.

I hope the guys are going to get a blog/website up & running before too long, too. I know there’s a podbean.com page, but after the comment of “If we were video, you could see my Splash Mountain shirt” made me really wish for a blog post that would be a wrap up of the episode. Include highlights of the show, images of things referenced & perhaps an embedded stream of the episode would be a great way to be more involved with the show, being able to fully relate to what’s going on in the show.

I have to say the production is also getting pretty good. Besides a little volume variations between each guy’s Skype (I’m assuming), the show sounds pretty good. I was especially impressed with the background music on the romance episode, too. I know that the future will hold even more awesome production work & am stoked to hear what is ahead.

Keep up the good work, Mickey Dudes. You’ve got a future that I’m looking forward to hearing.

Also, I really enjoy a New York accent talking about Disney. It just makes me happy a tough sounding dude waxing poetic over riding classic attractions. #goodtimes






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