An Ode to my Valentine

June 13, 2015: The day we leveled up

Valentine’s Day is upon us & I have to say I have no clue what to do or get for the hubs. Thinking on it some, I decided that I should just write on it here. (Warning: It’s probably going to get mushy)

We’ve been married 8 months today (wow!) and it’s been an adventure so far. If you’ve seen my posts lately, you’ve read how much the “adulting” has been going on & how it’s been kinda stressful, but knowing we can work together & it will work out is a very comforting thing to remember. I know that we can get through the rough stuff & it will be okay in the end.

And not to get lovely dovey gross, but Losson has some amazing qualities & has done some awesome things to make life easier & just plain better for this undeserving girl. He consistently has dinner ready when I get home from work, he was supportive to leaving my job of 5 years when I was at the ultimate burn out phase, he’s supportive of my Disney habit & even enjoys a good chunk of it himself. Those are just a few things.

We’ve still got some things we’re working on, such as our communication at some moments & our organization skills, but it’s a process & we’re getting there. That’s ok, we’ve got time, honestly.

But the best part of it all is when we just lay in bed & talk & giggle & are silly. Last night we got talking about something just ridiculous & spent 30 minutes giving Siri stupid requests on my iphone. We were cracking up & having the best time. That’s one of my favorite things we ever do; quality time is something that we try to make happen as often as possible & it makes my life so much sweeter.

A “vintage” photo of us from 2012

I love you, Loss. Glad we’re together forever.




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