Tuesday Night Habit: The Dis Unplugged

One of the sweet shots from the opening for the Dis

So what do I do on Tuesday nights that I look forward to every week? I spend about an hour with the Dis Unplugged:Walt Disney World Edition crew.

The weekly podcast is downloadable via itunes & is also the video is available on the Dis Unplugged website. I began listening to the show when they were doing only audio shows (around 2013) & have loved how they moved to a video format. The show covers all aspects of Disney World, some Disneyland (there’s also the super great Disneyland edition of the show that is audio only with some other folks who live in California), dining, resorts, all of it. If you’re a Dis Nerd like I am, it’s just the best source.

Besides the awesome work they do on the show, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know these folks through their show. The head honcho, Pete Werner, is a tech junkie who is known to rant about clean bathrooms & he knows his stuff (he also started Disboards as well. I highly suggest those boards!). He’s assembled a great team of folks of varied ages & backgrounds who are great personalities. They all crack me up & I’m friends with most of them on social media & I’m proud to be part of the whole community that the show has created.

There’s so much more I could say about the show, but I’ll just leave it with this- if you want to know what’s going on at Disney World, check out the Dis Unplugged. The show can really make your boring Tuesday night a lot better.




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  1. Well Jenny, you hit the nail on the head. I haven’t listened quite as long as you, started when the video did. I love how they are just one big family! The best shows are when they just cannot keep it together and I sit and laugh until I cry at their antics. I love to watch the other shows also and am looking forward to meeting them when I go on the cruise next December.


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