Which Direction to Go: Writing Edition

ponder selfie
Drinking coffee, Pondering…

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. That’s just  a fact. I was lucky enough to connect with one of my high school english teachers via facebook last week and when briefly catching up, she told me she hoped I was writing still. That vote of confidence from someone who hadn’t seen me or read a word that I have written in ten years meant oh so much. Thank you, Mrs. Sparks. I will never ever forget the day you told me that I write casually & need to be a little less so when writing papers…look at what I’m writing now!

So that brings me to my main thought- I’ve been perusing my blogging board on pinterest & have been contemplating changes I can make to this thing. Not only in minor details, but also in a larger scale via the content I post. I also had a very well read post that was related to the Disney community lately & it has got me considering the amount of posts about Disney that I’ll be posting. There’s so much random knowledge & opinions & thoughts in my head about the Disney parks, films, characters, history, etc. that I want to share with you all. Obviously with the pending move down south, we’ll be quite close to Walt Disney World (admittedly some of the reason I’m wanting to move- my absolute dream job is there- but more on that later), but I want to make sure that this blog doesn’t turn into just a place to see the latest regurgitated Disney news.

So this post is just mainly to let you, dear reader, know that the wheels are constantly turning & ideas are churning & ever evolving. I’ve got some ideas for other projects to be included in the world that is this blog as well & am excited to hopefully get my laptop back up to 100% (my fan is shot) again & up the game with what there is to share.

Have any suggestions or thoughts on what I should post about? I’ll take any feedback- thanks for being a reader, too!




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