Saturday Destressing in the Kitchen


It may be small & way too close to the living room, but I sure do love my kitchen.

I was lucky enough to get a lazy Saturday morning this week & take on my favorite tasks on my days off work. After waking up, Losson had gone to work & I had the place to myself. I made some coffee & got into the kitchen. I got to deep clean some, run a few loads of dishes & even make a cake that Loss had asked for me to make (don’t be too impressed quite was a simple box cake with cherry pie filling on top).

All that being said, Saturday morning was fantastic. There’s something so nice about seeing what you’ve gotten done already & being able to just listen to podcasts or music. Even when I lived with my parents, I would love spending Saturday mornings in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe or baking something for some folks that I wanted to make a treat for. Half the time, I would just make something for a friend or family and only taste test it & just pass it along. It was almost a test to see if I could just make something that was yummy & something folks would want to try. Even in our apartment, I’ve continued this baking & cooking with caramel cupcakes at Christmas time. I don’t know about you, but caramel can take a long long time to cook; it was a good lesson in patience & had a great result. It was definitely a little self esteem boost as well.

So here’s to some stress free time in the kitchen- not timelines, no responsibilities & even a little time to create something new & delicious along the way. Enjoy!







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