Netflix Review: “Love”

Gillian Jacobs & Paul Rust are adorably awesome in “Love”

Judd Apatow has got me hooked again.  I’m pretty much in love with “Love” (sorry for the cheese).

The new series on Netflix came out earlier this week & is a real & funny show that I’m 7 episodes in & can’t wait to devour all of the 10 episodes. The series covers events in the two characters lives, Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) & Gus (Paul Rust), as they individually happen & then intertwine.

The series is set in LA & has some rad locations they use (I adore Mickey’s house) & includes some of the area’s stereotypes (and a killer Andy Dick cameo in the episode simply titled “Andy”). Also while the show is set in this place that is known for extravagance & fiction, the show keeps it relatively real. Being just a few years younger than both main characters, their lives don’t seem to be too terribly over the top & they seem like folks I would be friends with. Gus lives in a lonely apartment & drives a Prius & has a decent job as a set tutor for kids on tv shows but really wants to be a writer. Mickey has a roommate , goes on a furniture rearranging & purging binge one night when she’s frustrated & shows up late, or not even at all, according to a friend. I dare say I can relate to this even more than I normally do the Apatow produced “Girls” on HBO (which I do love as well).

Gilian Jacobs is it. Love her as Mickey.

I quite enjoy the exploration of Mickey & her sobriety as well. This is something that is often touched on in these more “real life” shows, as I think of them, but it’s not generally a large focus. The way that Jacobs plays the character of Mickey is just a great- she (and also the scripts by Apatow, Rust &  Leslie Arfin   ) show the side of this tough girl that she wouldn’t normally show to the world.  Seeing Mickey learn to be good with herself, her history & being sober while dealing with a new relationship is just good. I can’t think of any other words for it but it just seems real & good & I have even more respect for Gillian Jacobs as an actress after this series.

I can’t wait to finish binge watching the series (probably tonight) & I’m going to say probably rewatching it again at some point.

Hubba hubba, Mr. Rust ❤

Also, I must confess, moppy haired & big glasses Paul Rust in this show has hit the top of my crush list. This is my type of guy, to a t. I mean, he takes a date to the Magic Castle- where he is a member… Makes my heart go pitter patter. Reminds me some of the hubs & his love for comics & conventions…





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