The State of JLB Nerdy


Recently, my Orlando expert friend Ken gave a “State of Things” on his podcast, the Orlando Tourism Report– he looked at what’s working? What’s not? What could be tweaked?  Ken’s analysis, findings & changes he shared made me take a step back & try to do the same thing for myself.  I’ve been doing this writing thing a lot shorter time than OTR has been on the air/podcast apps, but it was an important reminder to continually assess & realign, so here we are.

I’ve been running the JLBNerdy blog since October of 2015 and only have a handful of posts- and that signals that it’s time to get on it. In all the marketing advice I’ve seen on pinterest (hard research- that’s how I roll), it’s all about scheduling. Knowing that, Sunday is now going to be post day. Instead of over scheduling and stressing, it’s going to be one post a week unless something awesome & extra & random shows up. My goal is to keep it nerdy, keep it real & keep it me, so rest easy on that end.

As previously mentioned, I’ve been writing via Fiverr, freelancing for individuals directly and looking at some larger projects in the near future as well. The amount of writing I’ve done lately is awesome & I’m aiming for a day in which I do only that for work. There’s big goals & little goals sprinkled down the road ahead for me- & I’m simply excited to have an audience to help make that journey possible.

Feel free to comment or shoot me a note if you’ve got anything you’d like to throw out there- I’d love any feedback you’ve got to share.



PS Like I said, Ken is THE authority on Orlando and Central Florida. If you’re interested in that, check out the Orlando Tourism Report to hear from some of my favorite nerds around.



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