My Morning Jacket’s Playing at My House

All photos are taken by JLBNerdy


Ok, so the title is actually an LCD Soundsystem reference, but My Morning Jacket might as well be playing at my house, I mean, they are playing in Chattanooga in October!

Yes, my dreams have come true & Jim James & the boys are coming to my hometown for a gig in the most sweet spot around- the Tivoli Theater.  The theater opened in 1921 & has been a gorgeous venue for the musicals and speakers that I’ve seen there, but I have a feeling that MMJ is going to take the cake. Oh, and it seats about 1000 people- that is going to be an amazingly intimate show!

In honor of the super exciting show announcement, I went walking down memory lane & have some fun memories to share about the 6 times previous that I have been lucky enough to see my absolute

favorite band live & in concert.

Fall 2007/Nashville/Riverfront Park


The first time I saw MMJ was after I’d heard a few songs by the guys & won tickets from Out the Other (then on WRVU, the Vanderbilt radio station). Thanks to Janet & her great show, I was introduced the pure joy that can be found at a magical show. This one took place on the side of the Cumberland River, in downtown Nashville, across the way from the Titans playing a pre-season football game, complete with fireworks. That’s how you do your first time.


August 2011/Atlanta/Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

This shot is from a disposable camera…pretty sweet for a rail spot.

My friend Kristi & I were front row for the second show in my MMJ outings. Pro Tip: at this venue, if you were a Verizon subscriber, you get in five minutes earlier. This works amazing when you are looking forward to a spot on the rail.


November 2011/Nashville/ Vanderbilt Auditorium


It was a pretty surprising turn of events to get to see MMJ twice in a few month span. I think that this might have been Vandy’s homecoming, but as far as I was concerned, it was an excuse to see my fave band again. The night was kinda crazy & I wound up going with a friend of a friend & making our way to much better seats once the show got started. Good times.


July 2012/Louisville, KY/ Forecastle Festival 2012


MMJ got me to visit Louisville, that is totally true. The Forecastle festival celebrated its 10th anniversary by letting the boys curate the line up & headline their home turf on the Saturday night. I’d been really wanting to check out a hometown show, so this one got me to the festival which has turned into my favorite. The best part of this set? Jim speaking in a British accent & singing as George Michael in a cover of “Careless Whisper”, eventually changing the lyrics to “bananas, bananas” & throwing said bananas into the crowd. That was worth the price of admission alone.


August 2012/Atlanta/ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater


A year later, I returned to the scene of the crime but this time with the love of my life (so not what I was expecting, but so happy that was the case). We also lucked out and saw Band of Horses for the first time this night. I knew a few songs, but as soon as we got home I picked up the BoH albums & we’ve seen them a few times now & have a shared love of the band as well, so thanks for the intro, MMJ.  This was also Loss’ first MMJ show, so it was awesome for us to share in the common love for the music.


June 2013/Nashville/Riverfront Park (but a different spot than previous)


This show was a no brainer, on my birthday, supporting Wilco and BOB DYLAN. That’s all you need to know. (fun fact: Loss & I bonded over some Dylan when we first met & hearing him play “Tangled Up in Blue” right before we left was just perfect & super special, even if we couldn’t understand exactly what he was saying. Love you, Bobby D!).

So there it is…a fun little walk down memory lane to get the excitement going for my hometown visit from the My Morning Jacket guys. I know it might seem a little repetitive, but they put on such a great show, I can’t help but get stoked for the next one…so here’s to some dancing and singing along October 26th!



PS  Can’t let this post go without sharing this picture from Forecastle 2014 when Spanish Gold played & Patrick, the drummer from Spanish Gold & also a little band called MMJ, did some meet & greet time. Thanks for letting me share!



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