#Adulting: It Still Surprises Me

This is what adults look like these days?

I won’t lie, I still get surprised when I have those moments of realization that “Wow, you’re really #adulting now!”. At 29, these moments happen generally when paying a bill for something big that seems pretty stupid, but it’s always still empowering to have that moment of “yea, it’s taken care of & we took care of it”.

All of this is to say, despite my excitement to see My Morning Jacket in my hometown, Losson & I won’t be attending. We tried really hard to get tickets through the presale release on Thursday, but given the venue is so small, they were gone in a minute or two. Thursday night I got to looking more in depth at hostels in different cities around Japan and realized that the $150 I’d put in savings for the trip & then pulled out to spend on MMJ tickets could cover 3-4 nights on our trip. I’m not the best at it, but I did the math…

3 hours (ish) concert OR 3-4 nights stay on our 2 week long trip

So the hostel stay won out.

I talked to my mom on Friday about the whole thing & she told me what this was an example of: “Delayed Gratification”.

My response? “It really sucks”

But it will be so worth it.

So here’s to an exercise in delayed gratification (Yeah, I’m part of that generation that hates it, I guess) & #adulting. I’m honestly just proud to have something I’m so motivated by, particularly in the money saving arena.




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