Podcast Review: TDR Now


Let’s just say it: I blame Chris & Patricia for helping convince me a Japan trip needs to happen. I’m in no means upset by this though (as you can probably tell). If it tells you anything, I found Chris & crew from the fantastic Tom Bricker at Disney Tourist Blog in his Japan trip reports & guides as well.

TDR Now is the first English speaking podcast about Tokyo Disney Sea, coming from Japan directly. The podcast, focusing on Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland), is released biweekly (or sometimes a little more often) and focuses on current events, news and information at TDR and also other areas around Japan.

Along with all of the great, up to date info from the podcast, Chris, Patricia & their crew run TDR Explorer. They have some awesome trip planning information and I’ve already bugged Chris with a question or two with our trip planning process, which he awesomely answered. I highly suggest the guides & they’ve even got a little Shanghai & Hong Kong Disney content as well.

I mean, where else can I get my Gelatoni fix? You better believe it’s from TDR Now & TDR Explorer!

You can find TDR Explorer on Itunes, Google Play Store & also the RSS Feed. Also find TDR Now on Twitter for lots of awesomeness.




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