Paring Down: Bye, Chair!

“Uhm, this will fit the car, right…?”

As noted in the last time I wrote, it’s time to downsize- and I started off with a bang. The hand me down chair I inherited four years ago or finally left the premises.

Now the chair was still in pretty good condition, but let’s face it, after a few years, I have a tendency to hit a stage of “I’m tired of looking at that”. So, when I started thinking about downsizing things, the chair was not very far down my list- and the first to go.

After work Friday, I came home & told Losson it was time to do it- the chair was going down the road to the Goodwill & it was happening then or it would never happen. So we pulled it out, fought the battle of getting it in the car- you can take the feet off of furniture sometimes, who knew?!? Thankfully, my sweet husband did.

Bye, Chair!

So far, the hole left from the chair still has bags with clothes I’m sorting through hanging out, but all in due time. Removing the clunky chair helped me figure out what we should do in the living room, so now there’s a big of a plan in mind.  We’ve also come to the conclusion that we’re good with staying in our smaller space for a few more years if it means living simpler, focusing on saving & traveling.

Look, ma, no more chair here!

So, onward we go with more downsizing and a more calming space ahead!




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