First Fall Weekend!


It’s Finally Fall, Ya’ll!  We’ve been crossing our fingers the weather will finally stay below 70 and leaves will start falling some more and this weekend it finally happened (no comment on the fact that it’ll get up to almost 80 again tomorrow).

The weekend commenced with a little movie night at the in-laws on Friday evening, my yearly viewing of Ichabod and Mr. Crane having happened now, and come Saturday morning, it was cool, clear and just perfect. Loss came home with some good news from work around 8:30 and we decided it was a great day to hit the town. First stop?


My first real PSL of the season!

By the time we ran around some, we made it to Rembrandt’s Coffee Shop downtown and needed another coffee, plus some sweet photos, because, why not?

I usually have to pull teeth for cute pics together =)
Typical Losson.
Lots of cool walkways

We then saw the view of the Tennessee River we had to ask ourselves why we didn’t go down the road a few miles and enjoy the view more often?  Loss and I have both pledged to try and spend more time downtown and enjoy the beauty that is just down the road.

Downtown Chattanooga: Coffee, Beautiful Walks, the River & lots of Bridges

After some trekking around and picking up a birthday gift for my marvelous mom, we headed to Warehouse Row to visit Anthropologie for said present shopping and a visit to my new favorite place in town:

Two Ten Jack!


To say I am in love with Two Ten Jack is an understatement. You guys know of my love of all things Japanese (except mochi) and this place is an izakaya and ramen house. REAL Ramen. I finally had REAL RAMEN. It was amazing for date night the Friday before, so we decided to head back for lunch on Saturday.

Bento Box!

We were both planning on Ramen again, but when we were explained the menu by the great server Matt, our minds were changed. Loss and I both went with the bento box with the JFC (Japanese fried chicken), green salad, chicken meatballs and rice with fried brussels sprouts and a fantastic sour cream (?) based dip. Oh man. Guys, this was great. The brussels sprouts were the most exciting part, much to my surprise. We were both so happy we went with a bento, since we wouldn’t normally be out for a lunch menu. I’m sure there will be another post or two of my Two Ten Jack ramblings soon- I’ve fallen hard for them.

After lunch, we ran a few more errands, came home and took a nap. It was only what could be called a Fantastic Fall Saturday!

The icing on the cake? Celebrating my mom’s birthday today, having lunch together and taking a hike afterwords. Of course, now it’s very much time to hit the sack.

We’re so proud of our fall outfits!

So here we go back to a week of 80 degree highs and here’s to our next big fall weekend adventures!




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