New Best Place: The Library


As you’ve seen in what I’ve documented so far on the blog, I’m into saving money when I can and am also looking to get my freelance work done lately. These ideas have finally intersected in my new favorite place: the library!

These chairs take me back to my childhood

I spent much time at the library growing up and look back fondly on the summer reading programs that were held at the Chattanooga Public Library. I’m a proud owner of some really awesome patches and buttons from those summers spent reading, too- worth all that work. But alas, I’d fallen off the library train and when I was looking for a book for cheap the other day, it hit me- go borrow one! So I went to our closest branch and got set up with a card and got some ebooks on the kindle.


I told Loss about the idea of getting some work done so we headed downtown to the main branch of the library and scoped it out. Besides finding films, music, graphic novels, comics and even zines, I fell for the Fourth Floor.

The Sewing Area

The space is a catch all for creating. It’s got a vinyl printing area, a sewing area, workspaces, zine library and all kinds of other goodies. I spread out at a table and spent about two hours planning for the freelance gig I’ve got going and this little blog right here. It was amazing to have some space with some ambient noise, but nothing too loud, along with other folks who are working on their own ideas and projects too.

Part of the Zine Library

We’re planning on going back again soon for more working and more reading, so the words on the wall must be right: “You’re in the Right Place”!


Do you frequent your local library? Any perks that I should look into for our new found library adventuring?


Oh, and a perk of being downtown: this view and colors and birds:





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  1. I love the Chattanooga library, but had no idea about the sewing center! Sew cool. Sorry… I couldn’t help myself. Anyway I went to UTC for all of college and love reading your stuff about the noog. I miss it 😦


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