Friday Five: Halloween Edition

It’s that spookiest time of year and I’m so excited about all that’s going on recently, so here’s my Friday Five: Halloween Edition.

What am I digging, you ask?


  1. Downtown Chattanooga

I didn’t realize that starting more blogging would make this me turn into a Chattanooga blogger, but alas, it has. Recently I’ve written about our Day Date and Two Ten Jack adventure, the Chattanooga Public library and also the Boo at the Zoo event-I have to say I do truly love my city and get super pumped when we find new places and old favorites to go to!



2. Dressing Nice

With more outings and events lately, along with the nice Fall-like weather we have had some, Loss and I have enjoyed getting a little more dressed up lately. Getting to put on some outfits that feel good and look good and head out is just nice. There’s something about not burning up in 90+ degree temps that make one enjoy getting dressed for once.



3. Costumes and Cosplays

As we’re getting all prepped for GMX (more on that in a minute), it’s costume and cosplay time! We’ve been working on ours some and I’m looking so forward to seeing what other folks have to show off this weekend. As for now, this picture with the Flash and a pared down version of Poison Ivy, it’s a fave of mine.



4. Fall Mornings

This morning, I took advantage of not being able to sleep in and just love it. 50 degrees, a good cup of coffee and a nice little lovingly made quilt- it’s the best.

Happy, Chill Morning Times



5. Geek Media Expo

I am so stoked, guys! We are currently prepping for Geek Media Expo (aka GMX) that is this weekend in Nashville, TN. Loss and I are volunteering this time around and I’m pretty excited to get to see another side of the convention as well. Don’t worry, folks, you’ll be hearing all about GMX in the next week or so- it’s almost time to get started and have some fun!

Have a great weekend, Friends!




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