Small Biz Saturday: The Notebook

In the effort to get organized and get this thing called JLB Nerdy Social Media Services (name still being worked on), I decided to start a notebook for the job.

I found an extra notebook at my parents’ house and got to work. I printed off some calendar pages for the rest of this year and 2017 as well and threw in some dividers and got to tracking. I can’t recall the exact place I got the pages but I added a little color while watching Gilmore Girls this week. Check out Pinterest though, it’s a goldmine of free printables.


I’ve currently gotten a general “life” calendar in the front for important dates, along with a section for this here JLBnerdy blog and also the client I am currently working for. Going this way, I can plan ahead and have blog or promotion ideas mapped out ahead of time.

So here’s to getting organized and knowing what’s going on- here’s to making the freelance life the one that is full time!






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