Friday Five: November 4

It’s the weekend again and this lady is stoked!  So here’s the rundown of the top 5 things this week:

1) My Calendar Notebook

I posted my calendar notebook on the last Small Biz Saturday and I just gotta say, I love this thing. Even though not all the days wind up staying with the exact ideas written in, the calendars are definitely helping me stay focused in on what I need to do, along with keeping track of new ideas. I’m the type of person who isn’t the most organized in life but has good intentions and some good moments, so I hope this book is helping me turn that way for the long haul.
2) 4 Day Weeks

These are my fave, just in case you were wondering. Yay to the weekend again!


I might need this Tervis.


3) Tervis

I carried my Tervis all weekend at GMX and love it so much. It’s my daily coffee fix giver and can be remicrowaved when I get too busy at work and can hold cold drinks as well.  I didn’t realize how much I’d love it, but I really do.

4) Volunteering

At GMX, Loss and I volunteered and I spent part of my time in the media relations room. It was pretty awesome to get the behind the scenes look at how things work and also meet some fellow media folks. I’m hopeful to fill the same role again next year!

5) Vacation/ Rest

You guys, I didn’t realize how awesome a little vacay is. After 4 nights away from home, we had a nice time away and really appreciated coming home as well. I’m looking forward to another weekend away come January, too!




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