Small Biz Saturday: DIY Business Card

Getting ready for GMX, I knew I was going to try and get shots of awesome cosplays and wanted to be able to share where I was going to use them, so it became clear I needed some business cards.

Well, as per usual, I didn’t think too much about it until the last minute, but it’s all good- I not so secretly love a good DIY project. The Friday morning that GMX was starting, I was up early, not able to sleep in, so I figured it was time to get my DIY on. With a little planning on bringing supplies, the cards were quite easy to put together, only a little time consuming.


I took some cardstock and a set of stamps we had used for our wedding (yay branding that matches the wedding details!) and went to town stamping, adding an L to the middle of the J and B stamps, finishing up the web address below.


After stamping out the whole page, I clipped the cards down and added my name, email and website to the back of the card- simple!  I also had an extra fun little stamp that rotates between sayings such as “high five” and “remember this!” so I threw on a stamp or two as well.

Note the ever important coffee cup

The cards got a good response from the folks I handed them out to at the convention and I quickly ran out of them. They might be a little less than perfect, but that’s how I feel what I do is- it’s fun, it’s not perfect and it’s simply got that DIY aspect to it.

I’m sure that a set of vistaprint cards will be soon in my future, but for now, these babies did a great job filling in and making a statement, which is what I want to do regardless.

Have you ever made DIY cards like this? What’d you do different?




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