Small Biz Saturday: Gary Vee Lessons

Most of the folks I’m close with have learned a new name in the past year or so- Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vee is an inspiration to me. He’s my champion, even though we may never meet. Gary Vee is a big part of why I’m freelancing and have a goal of making it my full time career.

Gary Vaynerchuk came to the United States from the Soviet Union in 1978 and grew his father’s liquor business as an adult.  He started the ground breaking Wine Library TV when the internet was a pretty new thing and was pumping out daily content, building his experience in  content creation and sales as well. Gary invested in Twitter, Uber and some other groundbreaking companies and started up his own company, VaynerMedia as well. He’s got lots going on. Did I mention he’s still churning out daily (pretty much all the time) content and consistently reaching out to his fan base? Because he is.

(An extra cool point for Gary Vee and VaynerMedia is their opening an office here in Chattanooga. It’s a little reminder that I am in a pretty cool place with rad opportunities that I might forget about sometimes- but if a company like that moves here, there’s clearly something good going on. It’s a really appreciated reminder, too.)

I’ve learned some lessons from this guy as I’ve taken in his vlogs, podcasts, keynote speeches, Instagram wallpapers, so much more (ok, admittedly not much of his books…but that’s soon to be rectified). So in all this content I’ve enjoyed and pondered, I’ve picked up a few bits of wisdom I’ve been putting to work- and I’d like to share them for today’s Small Biz Saturday.

You Have to Do the Thing

Gary has cemented this with me. When I started freelance writing earlier this year, Kevin Smith was the motivation to try it out. Gary Vee is part of why I keep doing it. He consistently talks about doing it and not quitting, not throwing in the towel. He talks about how there’s so many people with ideas out there- you’ve just got to do it. Truth.

Daily Content Matters

Working on social media for folks besides myself has really put this concept to work for me. It’s been a huge goal of mine to have a consistent calendar of content for both this blog/brand, as well as for all those folks I might do business with. Being reminded daily “hey,we’re still here” is a huge key for business and, while it can be challenging, it is worth it. If there’s no content, there’s no life to the brand or company. ‘Daily content matters’ is a daily affirmation I’ve learned from Gary and what he shares with the world.


I am not the most patient person by nature. At all. And lately this has popped up on my radar as I’m thinking about JLBNerdy and where I’d like to go next. My goal is to eventually make this social media marketing and writing into a full time, freelance job- my dream job. I’ve been lucky enough and am putting in the work to start down that road sooner than later, but I’ve already started to second guess myself. I’ve looked at moving from my more flexible job to another more permanent job and I know why- I’m scared and I’m not being patient. I decided to not jump right now and give this freelance thing more time- I’ve only been doing it really for a few months, since April at the earliest. Gary talks about spending years and years with Wine Library TV and putting the time in. That helps me remember to be patient and let things happen how they will- as long as I work and put my time in, I can make this work or figure out a way to make things work. I can be happy- that’s the end goal.

So there’s a few things that I’ve learned…there’s more but this post is long enough as it is. If you’re not afraid of a little salty language and some to the point messages, I highly suggest giving Gary Vee a listen/view/read. He’s been quite helpful in my process and I know he will be a resource for years to come.

Thanks, Gary.




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