OTR Interview Makes It Better

After thinking more about the recent election, I wondered how things were going to be handled with the post-election news.  As I wrote about before, the Trump election was a shocker for me but I decided I needed to be positive in order to live a life that I can atleast enjoy day to day.

I listened to the SkyPlex master mind, Joshua Wallack, spend a very insightful 2 hours with Ken from the Orlando Tourism Report and he made so much sense.  In the interview, Joshua says that he dealt with the fact that Trump won and then moved on to the next step. Being the owner of the Mangos night club in Miami and Orlando, Ken inquired what, if anything, the President-Elect would mean for the people Joshua employees and the way they do business.  Joshua made one of the best statements I’ve heard since the election. He stated that it didn’t matter who is president, they are going to keep doing what they’re doing.

These two statements really hit home with me. After the first hour, I felt better. Joshua knew what to say and how to say it. I felt almost as if he had talked to his children and reassured them in a similar way that he did in this interview.  Even not being a child, I sincerely appreciated what he had to say and it’s one of the things making life better than my initial response to the election results.

You can check out the interview through the OTR site or on any podcast app.



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