Small Biz Saturday: Holiday Crazy


Recently, it’s felt like the balance of life is more teetering and tottering than the amazing burger I’m about to devour in this photo (from Screen Door Cafe, by the way. Amazing food!). Obviously with the main job, the social media work, keeping this blog going and all the other aspects of life, things can get pretty scattered and crazy, but it seems this year it’s especially crazy lately with the holiday season.

I’ve jumped headfirst into the Christmas season, having my tree up since November 1 (I was so over Halloween). Things have sped up at work for Loss and I’ve had extra stuff going on at mine, not to mention making sure stuff is all set for my social media posts before they are scheduled to post as we rocked along the month of November into December.

I don’t say all this to complain but just say- Whew! I love the holidays, but workwise, I’m ready to enjoy this time and then really dive in hardcore come January.  That’s not to say I don’t want to work hard- I definitely do and will and currently am.


But here’s to family and love and those people who make your heart happiest to be around. Take the time to enjoy them and slow down this season. Figure out how to expedite things and get that work done in as little time as possible- maybe listen to some Christmas jams while doing so to help stay in the spirit.  And yes, I post this mostly to remind myself how things need to be done.




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