Life Coaching: Month 1

Life was a little simpler for me back in 1988…

Recently, one of my friends from college days has started offering life coaching services and sent out an email looking for folks to work with for 4 comped months.  I’d researched life coaching for some writing that I did last year and I had always been interested in what a life coach could do for me.  So, knowing what I did, I replied to the email and told Anna that I was very interested in the 4 sessions with her.

A few weeks later, we had a phone conference for our first hour session. Up front, she gave the description of her services, stating it was not therapy and to try and focus on one area or goal for our times together. After a little discussion, I narrowed down my focus to be find ways to be more productive and motivated.

Just like anyone, by the time the everyday work of being married, working, and just plain adulting can be overwhelming sometimes. After being married for two years (in a week!), I feel like we’ve gotten quite a bit of things figured out, which is awesome, but I need to make sure that I myself am taken care of as well. Whether that be dragging my butt to the gym or not feeling bad about taking time to do somethings for myself, it’s all a part of the balance that I need to work on. Add to that the tendency to shut down when I get overwhelmed (such as if there’s a pile of clothes to put away, if it seems to be too much, I just don’t and avoid it).

After talking to Anna and following the way she was guiding, I came to a realization or two about being positive and keeping things flowing in an optimistic, uplifting way. It’s a simple concept that is sometimes hard to remember, but positivity is a key.  We also discussed desire statements and saying them to myself daily to keep the reminder of where I am and where I’m going fresh in my mind. I admittedly haven’t been the best at saying these to myself twice a day as she suggested, but I do look at them every so often and repeat the thoughts to myself. A little bit at a time, right?

So that’s a nutshell of what month one has brought. We will have session number two in a week or two and I’m interested to see where else it will lead. I feel good going into the experience confidently and open mindedly and am proud to have a friend who is also able to help guide people in this way.

Here’s to month two!

If you’re interested, you can reach Anna and read some of her content through her site, Heartbeat Hive.


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