31 Days of Self Care: Intro

That smudge on my eyelid from mascara is bad. One smudge isn’t bad, though!

I’ve recently been doing quite a bit of reflecting and learning on things around and inside of me. After spending the majority of a day focused on my feelings and emotional well being,  Doing so, I’ve come to realize that pouring yourself into others and things outside of you,  that can cause emptiness pretty quickly. Empty is not a way to be.

That’s why 31 Days of Self Care comes into play. These are things I have personally done or I am looking to do this month. I’m putting this together for all my amazing friends and loved ones who need to slow down and breathe, if only for a few minutes a day. I hope this series can inspire you and pass along feeling better.  Some very special people have helped show me the way and I appreciate it all so much.

Here’s to feeling better!

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Day 1 : Meditate 

Day 2: Journal

Day 3: Talk to Someone Inspiring

Day 4: Relax in a Bath 

Day 5: Get Your Drink On

Day 6: Breathe

Day 7: Read

Day 8: Go to Bed Early

Day 9: Wake Up Early




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