Day 3: Talk to Someone Inspiring

The reason I’m writing this is due the the fact I have inspiring people in my life.

Sis in law, Megan, the girl who gives me common sense to think about

I have friends who are very special and are there to shoot the breeze or really help me figure stuff out. They are there to listen to me when it comes to things I feel I can’t tell anyone else (and thusly figure out it’s not that big of a deal to begin with). They are there to bounce ideas off of and encourage me and give positive vibes. They help me create by letting my mind go, they help me see patterns I am not quite able to see yet. They let me talk through things.

The gorgeous Jen Fox who is the queen of pretty Snapchat selfies and good advice
SG, my OG Murfreesboro girl whose life is so similar yet so different than mine

The best part of this is all of these people are in my life but they aren’t all face to face. Some of them live in Florida, New Hampshire and Nashville. Some live across town and we see each other often. I’m not as close to some and some I talk to everyday.

Regardless, they are inspiring and they keep me going. They want to see me do well and help me work, even if they don’t realize that’s what they are doing.

What if you don’t feel like you have friends who do this? Chances are you probably do, you just aren’t fully seeing all they can offer. You can also go online to find like minded people and get to know them that way.

Inspirations and people I would consider mentors are everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and realize they are there. If there are people you want to get to know, reach out. You might be surprised at what you get by putting yourself and a little effort!


Do you have any special people in your life who inspire you?



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