Day 4: Relax in a Bath

When I got married, I quickly learned that Loss loves taking relaxing baths. I took one every now and then but would usually get bored, so I didn’t think much about it.  Once I saw  him take one almost everyday though, I decided to check it out.

Low and behold, the hubs was on to something. He works a hard job lifting and moving things most of his shift, so the bath tends to help his muscles feel better along with help him relax for sleep after working long, quirky hours.

So I’ve started taking long, hot (well, warm, not too hot because of my dry skin) baths and I’m a believer. A good bath, sometimes with bubbles or epsom salt, a bath bomb or maybe a little essential oil and some incense or a candle burning, it makes for a great, quick and easy way to chill out a little bit.

  Do you have any special treats you use to make your bath more relaxing or fun? 


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