Day 7: Read

Today’s practice comes with a caveat I must say up front: I’m not talking about reading for work or for school with this one. 

Reading can help keep your brains sharp and help you be a lifong learner. It can take you places you never thought you’d go. It can inform you. It can inspire you. 

When we get to stressed out and overwhelmed by day to day life, reading can go right out the window. Some friends I have are veracious readers, but most aren’t (that’s ok). Think about it though, what books have you read for pleasure since you left school? 

If you’re like me, the answer is not really many. I tend to get book A.D.D. and read a little bit then get bored or move along to something else unless what I’m reading is just amazing (and I can be pretty pick). 

That being said, find a book to read for pleasure. It could be a book on sf help, or not. It could be a cookbook, a how to book, a book of classical authors. Whatever you enjoy. Get a cup of coffee or tea or another beverage you like that we talked about yesterday and get to reading. I promise it’ll make you feel even better than you already do. 


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