Day 11: Unplug

Life happens when you put the screens down and look at what’s around you

Putting the screens down can be hard but, oh man, worth it.

By not having the notion to keep up with the joneses and just let go, life is better. There’s less stress, more time to enjoy the important things (like people, bettering yourself and expressing yourself in tangible ways, such as through art) .* It also can help you if you’re trying to go to sleep to put the screens down as well as helping your eyes, posture and overall being.

Don’t worry, I’m not saying you should never be on your phone or computer. Trust me, quite a bit of what we do is based around that at work and for enjoyment, and I get that. What I’m saying is maybe take a few hours off later on at night or go outside for a bit, sans screens. Enjoy what was around before screens were everywhere.

You might be a little more relaxed than you expect when it’s all said and done and have some awesome experiences to look back on as well.

*I know a lot of art, relationships, etc. can happen via screens, I’m not discounting that by any means. 


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