Day 14: Show Some Appreciation


One thing I’ve talked about a lot in this 31 Days of Self Care is putting love out there for others to receive. Be it through a physical act, a letter or simply being present with someone, giving is a wonderful way to make the world around you better.  It feels good.

The recipient of this love is free to take it in, reflect on it and be happy due to it- it’s not like you give a gift and get something back. Except for the fact you should get a little appreciation back. I don’t want to sound preachy, but this is something I’ve been thinking a lot about on my self care adventure.

By giving continually, you are just that: a giver. You don’t do things to get something back. That works fine and dandy until something happens and you realize you have been zapped of your energy because all you do is give to others (you can gather I’m talking more than physical items here, I’m sure).

As the recipient, you may not see how much a kind word of thanks or a little nod back to the giver can mean.



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