Day 17: Listen to Music


Music is something powerful. It has the ability to change your mood quicker than most things in this world and that needs to not be forgotten.

So take some stock of where you are and where you want to be and listen accordingly. If you’re feeling wired, put on some upbeat jams and dance it out- you are talking to the girl who put on wireless headphones and had her own “silent disco” in the living room at midnight while her hubs slept after she drank too much coffee in the afternoon.  Gotta get it out somehow, right?

If you’re wanting to chill out, put on some classical or quiet tunes. I’ve found a great Spotify playlist called “Piano in the Background” that I love to listen to when I’m writing or taking a bath. I’m not usually a classical listener, but this playlist really is awesome for that wind down or keeping you in that headspace.

So listen up, find what makes you happy and listen up. It’ll set your mood and can make your day so much brighter!


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