Day 18: Asking for What You Need

Marriage: All about getting what you need

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to self care is asking others for what you need.  As I mentioned in the Day 16 post, don’t feel guilty over self care tasks.

Asking for what you need is a biggie when it comes to that guilt feeling though. You probably are used to doing for others and not asking for all you need. If it gets down to it, don’t just ask, tell what you need to those around you.

I’ve realized that the area I generally ask for things in is my marriage. Every now and then, I just need a little bit of a snuggle (or “snugs” as I call them in my nerd way). I usually ask Loss in a sweet way if I could have some snugs and he generally obliges. It’s a simple little thing, but that bit of affection can make me feel a lot better.

So, in the end, being able to ask for what you need is important and makes your days better in the long run. Take care of yourself and feel good- you deserve it.


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