Day 20: Move

(image from pixabay)

I originally was going to call Day 20 “Exercise” but then I remembered how much I hate that word myself, so why bother turning someone else off too?

As I’m sure we all know, getting some exercise or movement in your day helps release endorphins so you’re happier, helps you sleep at the end of the day and also helps you burn calories (if that’s your goal and paired with healthy eating habits, etc.) and possibly lose weight.

That’s all well and great, but what if you, like me, hate exercise? Find other ways to get the movement, I would suggest. Just yesterday, I went shopping with a friend and we walked all over Target, Ollies, WalMart and the mall. Not only did I get the enjoyment of spending a girl’s day with her, I also got the benefit of walking all over creation as well.

Did it make me happy? I’m not sure a specific level, but I know it did make me feel better than I would have felt if I was sitting at home all day. I’m  also currently looking forward to more fall walks as the season starts to change and be able to enjoy temps that aren’t just hot and humid.

I’ve even borrowed a yoga mat from my mom and done a video of stretching or two from youtube, which is nice as well. It’s all the little things, right? If we don’t take notice of the little good things, we’ll never enjoy the bigger, happier picture, so try and move a little more today.


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