Day 21: Veg Out

TV on, laying down, half asleep = perfection

Don’t worry, I’m not talking vegetables here, I’m talking TV.

Sometimes we all have days (or weeks) where we just need to chill out and have a little veg time in front of the TV. Mine typically happen on Friday evenings and Hulu and Netflix tend to come to the rescue.

This weekend was no exception and upon getting home this past Friday night, all that called to me was the episodes of “Fresh Off the Boat” I haven’t watched yet (currently binging) and sitting on the futon with Losson. And that is exactly what I did. It was lovely getting to just recharge a little, not worry about anything and try to keep myself from falling asleep before 8:30 pm (somehow I made it to about 10). The next day, I ran all over and took care of business, something I feel was possible just because I had that vegging out time.

That being said, next time you just want to curl up on the couch and watch some TV, do it. Don’t feel guilty (see a theme in these posts?) and go for it. Do something that makes you happy and gives you the opportunity to rest. The next day and others around you will thank you for it.


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