Day 22: See the Doctor

(image from pixabay)

Yuck, doctors.

If you’re anything like me, I hate going to the doctor unless I’m really sick, but that isn’t quite what the doctor really ordered.

Yearly check ups are a thing (shocker, I know) and they are meant to help keep you at optimum health. Same for general OBGYN visits and mammograms for the ladies. Maybe you have some moles that should be checked out by a dermatologist: GO.

I’m not the best at this and I’m slowly but surely working on it. I know stress levels can go up with you are worried about things, so don’t stay in denial. Get anything that is bothering you checked out.

Not to be all big bad and scary, but my younger brother had some odd symptoms in the early part of 2016 and finally went to the doctor. Thankfully, they went soon enough because they found he had hodgskins lymphoma under his arm and a few other small spots. Through chemo and close monitoring, he is currently in remission and has been for over 6 months.

I say all that to say just go. It may be a few bucks in the long run, but your health is worth it in the end- it’s really the biggest gift you have on this earth. Take care of yourself, friends!


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