Day 24: Feel Good in Your Clothes

Our first beach vacay together & my fave beach photo of us too. ❤

We’ve already talked about moving more  and feeling better, but it’s important to remember whatever you look like, you are beautiful and wonderful and perfect. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

So why do I say a tenant of self care is feeling good in your clothes? It’s simple- you feel better (good!) in your clothes and you will present a better mood, a happier outlook, etc. Admit it, man or woman, there’s something enjoyable about getting dressed up nice and taking care of yourself, looking good and feeling great for a night out.

I know it’s hard to do that everyday (trust me, my work uniform right now is khaki pants and a work tshirt or polo- NOT my preferred look), but whenever we catch dinner out or go to a movie or even buy groceries, there’s something to putting on clothes that make you happy.


This summer, I found the most amazing bathing suit top (seen above) in the plus size section at Target- it didn’t cover my belly and once I put it on, I didn’t even care. The top looked amazing and made me feel great and I couldn’t wait to wear it out. It made me so happy (as you can see in the pic of Loss and I on the beach).

Did someone say Alaska?

I’ve got a few other pieces that make me just as happy, such as my high waisted skinny jeans (showing off curves I feel confident of) and my oversized and comfy Ryan Adams tshirt. I know how to mix these pieces with others and put a smile on my face, even if it’s just for a little bit.

My shirt I wore to Nashville Pride makes me so happy

So there ya have it, find some pieces that make you happy. Maybe it’s a new fall cardigan or pair of jeans. Maybe it involves decluttering the clothes you own to  make the process of getting dressed happier and more streamlined.

Do what you’ve gotta do to look good and feel good too!


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