Day 25: No Changing Others

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Admittedly, this one has taken a while for me. I’m someone who has a big heart and wants everything to be ok for everyone. I’ve eventually figured out this just isn’t possible though.

A wise friend of mine posed this question when I was seeking advice on trying to ‘fix’ a situation that wasn’t mine to fix: what will it do to you? Will it stress you out? Will it put a difficult situation on others around you? What will you gain in the long run?

Most of the time, I’ve realized it’s not worth the energy to try and change others. It’s simply draining and not rewarding because 99% of the time you can’t change others. 

No negative talk here, simply saying what is true: don’t waste your energy on something that is super hard or impossible. Trust me.  It’s taken about 28 of my 30 years to figure it out and it’s making life a little easier having learned this lesson.


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