Day 27: Speak Positive

One of the big things that Anna has taught me through her life coaching sessions is no negative talk. I was never the best (see, negative talk right there) at staying just positive while speaking but I’ve worked on it some and gotten better.
So why stay positive? If you are positive in your words, it influences your emotions and actions. Know the phrase “fake it til you make it”? Pretty much the same concept.

Also, being able to put positive out can help make those around you have an elevated moods and be happier. Think about it: if you are in a bad mood, you just feel worse the more you talk about it. If you’re in a good mood, if you spread how you feel to others through your words and actions, you and others feel good. Simple.

So, simple logic: be happy, say happy things, feel happier and spread it.

Try it out, see what happens and let me know!


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