Day 29: Be Thankful

Image from pixabay

For some reason, Day 29 was empty on my outline for this project. I figured I would pick out a topic day of and I didn’t have to look far to find the topic: Be Thankful.

As I know you all are, I’ve been seeing the heartbreaking images of flooded Texas towns. I can’t imagine seeing the flood waters rise at the rate they are or being stuck in my home with no way out. That is terrifying- let alone if you have kids or elderly people.

That being said, I am so thankful for everything that we take for granted. The fact we have a roof over my head, we are dry and have air running to keep us cool. We have food and a working car and we can go anywhere we need to.  It’s beyond crucial to remember that when something silly makes me upset or mad, I’ve got it pretty good.

So, there you have it: be thankful. There is so much that we can be thankful for daily. And I know that all of these people who live in Texas and all the areas the storms have effected, they are all on our minds and in our thoughts.


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