Day 30: Make a Routine

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One of the best parts of the 31 Days of Self Care project is having a list compiled here to refer to. I’ve been making a point to work on these tasks myself, too, and that leads to today’s post: make a routine with some of these tasks.

So, find a task or two that you enjoy and helps you relax and add them to your daily routine. I’ve picked up writing much more (trying to keep it daily) and meditating daily throughout this month long project. I also burn incense that smells good and helps me relax in the evening.

By doing these small tasks daily (or almost daily), I’ve built in a little more relaxation time and it’s a great feeling to have something to look forward to each day.

Try throwing a few of these self care tasks into your daily routine and seeing how it makes your days better- I have a feeling it will be a great way to make things a little bit happier!


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