The Friday Four #1

The Friday Four is my weekly post to wrap up the week of things I’m digging, am inspired by, things I’m working on or whatever else has been on my mind during the week.

1. It’s almost Fall!

5 years ago at Rock City during the fall ❤

Yes, I’m one of those people and as soon as the first breeze rolls through on a day that isn’t sweltering and kids have gone back to school, that means it’s almost Fall! It is definitely my favorite time of the year, from all the holidays to perfect weather for getting out and enjoying festivals or bonfires and, oh boy, apple cider. Plus trips to the pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin- if you don’t have the warm fuzzies yet, there may be something wrong with you. Even Loss was waxing poetic about the fun stuff we do in the fall every year and how much he enjoys it. I can’t wait to enjoy the season even more this year with him and enjoy the gorgeous weather and mountain views!

2. “Fresh Off the Boat”

Photo from

We recently subscribed to Hulu so we can watch the current season of the hilarious “Difficult People”, but I didn’t realize it would also cause me to dive into the ABC series, Fresh Off the Boat. I generally despise ABC on demand shows due to the amount of commercials you can’t skip, so I’d only seen an episode or two of the show when visiting a friend in Florida. I’d enjoyed it then and decided to take a chance on it- that was two weeks ago and I’ve almost enjoyed the entire 3 seasons that have been released.

The show follows real life Eddie Huang and the hijinks of his family Taiwanese family who move from Washington D.C. to Orlando in the mid-1990s. The show is based off of Eddie’s memoir that has the same title as the show but, as he’s said publicly, isn’t quite what the story was in his book. Regardless, I am in love with this show and it rarely fails to crack me up. Some of the best episodes tend to be the Halloween and Thanksgiving ones, if you’re looking for an easy entry point to the show.

Being set in the mid 90’s, the show has a very on point style and takes me back to that time period, or to Forever 21 last weekend, as the 1990’s is the “in” trend in fashion currently.

3. Hot Tea

All the petit fours & teas!

We had a tea party last weekend and I’m really back on the bandwagon, especially the relaxing stuff. Raspberry Zinger is my jam!   (Tea Party post coming soon!)
4. Making Plans and Scheduling

After my 31 Days of Self Care project, I’ve realized I can do a lot if I put my mind to it. So, I’m putting my mind to some things and I’m making plans and scheduling some things to get to work on. More about this in this space soon. I have a feeling great things are ahead!



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